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Military Movie Props

This is a sampling of uniforms currently in inventory, If you do not see a style of uniform you are searching for, please contact us. We have Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps uniforms (ACU, ABU, DCU, BDU, Fatigues, Army & USAF PT Uniforms, Class A's, Ect...). We also carry Chemical suits, and mask (M-17, M-40, MCU-2, ect. . .) ** If you need a uniform to destroy in a scene, contact us. We carry uniforms from new-to ready to throw away, and can make you a deal on uniforms to destroy.

U.S. Army, ACU Uniform (2005 - Current)

ACU Uniform consist of Kevlar Helmet (with Cover), T-Shirt, ACU Shirt (Name, Rank, Army & Unit Patches), ACU Pants, Belt, OTV (Flak Vest), FLC (Ammo & Canteen Pouches), Boots. (Shots from Josh Abbott Band Video, Touch now playing on CMT). Weapons (M4, metal Airsoft) and Kevlar helmets with goggles (Olivier Duret Video, DANE RA).
ACU Group of Movie Props ACU Uniforms Movie Props ACU Uniforms and M35A2C Movie Props

M4 Movie Prop Weapon

M4 Movie Prop

ACU Helmet and goggle movie prop

U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine Corps DCU (1982 - 2005)

DCU uniforms consist of Kevlar helmet (DCU Cover), T-Shirt, DCU Shirt, DCU Pants, IBA (Flak Vest) or PASGT (Flak Vest with DCU Cover), Boots.
DCU Flak vest DCU Flak Vest cover DCU Jacket Movie Prop

Army, Class A

Army Greens & Dress Blues
Army Greens shirt and pants Army Green Jacket Army Dress Blues

Navy & Marine Corps Uniforms

We also carry Navy, and Marine Corps Dress Uniforms.
Navy & Marine Navy & Marine 2 Navy & Marine 3

Mess Dress Uniforms

Navy and Air Force
Mess Dress Movie Props Mess Dress Movie Props 2


BDU Uniform consist of PASGT Helmet (Kevlar with BDU Cover), IBA (Flac Jacket) or PASGT (Flak Jacket), T-Shirt, BDU Shirt, BDU Pants, Boots (Black), LBE & Web belt (individual or enhanced).
BDU vest movie prop BDU helmet movie prop BDU hard helmets

Vietnam Era Uniforms and Equipment

Amoung our collection of uniforms, we also have Vietnam era uniforms & Equipment.
Vietnam Era Helmet movie props Vietnam  Era Uniform Movie props

Uniforms in storage

Uniforms in Storage Uniforms in Storage 2 Uniforms in Storage 3
Uniforms in Storage 4 Uniforms in Storage 5 Uniforms in Storage 6
Uniforms in Storage 7 Uniforms in Storage 8

TA50 Equipment

These were used for feeding troops in the field (Viet-Nam thru Desert Storm)
TA50 Equipment TA50 Equipment TA50 Equipment

GP Medium & GP Large Tents

The first photo shows the tent covers, the second photo shows the tent poles and the last photo contains tent lighting sets and field desk.
Tent Cover Movie Props Tent Pole Movie Props Tent Lighting Sets and Field Desk Movie Props

Military Vehicles:


These vehicles were used from Viet-Nam through Desert Storm. This truck has been used in several productions (Music videos, Zombie & Military movies).
M35A2C M35A2C M35A2C Movie Prop

M-105 Trailer

These trailers are towed behind M35 sieres trucks and were used from Viet-Nam through Desert Storm. We have several to choose from.
M105 movie prop M105 trailer movie prop

M101 Trailer

These trailers are towed behind HMMWV and M1009 (Blazers).
M101 trailer movie prop M101 trailer movie prop

MKT (Mobil Kitchen Trailer)

These were used to feed soldiers under field conditions.
Mobile Kitchen Trailer Movie Prop Mobile Kitchen Trailer Movie Prop Mobile Kitchen Trailer Movie Prop

1940's Jeeps

These are 1940's Jeep CJ-2's that we are restoring for use as military Jeeps.
1940 Military Jeep used for movies 1940 Military Jeep