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Aviation Movie Props

Having been in the aviation business for over 20 years, we have contacts to most aircraft that may be required to give your production that realistic look or special touch. Here is a sampling of aircraft, and aviation equipment available for use in your production. If you do not see an aircraft or item listed below, please call us, we may know where to source the aircraft or items needed for your production.
***Not everything in inventory is displayed on these pages

Gulfstream Jet

We recently purchased a Gulfstream Jet fuselage and cockpit to restore/modify for movie/video productions. This cockpit will be mounted on a trailer and will be available when completed, where ever you are filming. Until this project is completed we have a deal to use multiple complete Gulfstream aircraft for filming at California City Airport (approx 100 miles north of Los Angeles).
Gulfstream Jet Inside Movie Prop Gulfstream Jet Inside Movie Prop 2 Gulfstream Jet Cocktail Bar

Gulfstream Jet Counter

Gulfstream Jet sink

F-16 Cockpit

We recently purchased this real F-16 cockpit and are working on restoring it back to original. Please contact us for current status of the project if you are interested in using it for your production.
F-16 Cockpit Movie Prop

P-40, 1:1 scale Movie Props

These movie replicas built for a re-make of the Flying Tigers (the movie was never made). As time permits, we will complete these aircraft to static display.
P-40 Scale Model Movie Prop P-40 1:1 Scale Model Camoflauge Movie Prop Group of P-40 1:1 Scale Models


This is a Russian aerobatic aircraft that we currently have undergoing restoration.
Yak-52 movie prop Yak-52 Movie Prop 2 Yak-52 Movie Prop 3

Fouga Jet

The Fouga Jet is a French built trainer aircraft from the 1950's. The first photo shows a flying aircraft, that we can make arangements for use in your project. The second and third photos show our static display aircraft. This aircraft can be moved to your location for filming.
Fouga Jet Fouga Jet Static Movie Prop Fouga Jet Static Movie Prop 2


This is a WW II aircraft used for spotting enemy forces. We have three of these aircraft undergoing restroation at our California City Facility.
L-5 L-5 L-5

Ejection Seats

We have several ejection seats in our collection (F-14, F-4, B-52, Ect. . . )
Ejection Seats Ejection Seats Ejection Seats

Jungle Penetrator

This device is lowered down by a rescue helicopter through the jungle canopy, then the seat is unfolded and the downed crew member is hoisted back aboard the rescue helicopter.
Jungle Penetrator Jungle Penetrator GJungle Penetrator

Aviation Related Vehicles

The first photo, is a 1958 American LaFrance O-11B crash Rescue Fire Truck. Second photo is a 1960's aircraft refuel truck. The last photo shows a 1990's aircraft tug.
958 American LaFrance O-11B crash Rescue Fire Truck Movie Prop 1960's aircraft refuel Movie Prop 1990's aircraft tug Movie Prop