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Aviation, Military and Police (A.M.P.) props was started in Aug 2009. We have since provided support for the following films:

26. Unk Production. (2015)
We provided a complete LASD Unifom & Officer (also tech advisor)

25. Unk Commercial filmed at California City Airport. (2015)
We provided a Police Vehicle

24. The Panic (Short), (2015)
We provided 4 ea, CSI (chemical outfits); 4 ea, LASD Sheriff Uniforms; 4 ea, FBI Tactical outfits; 1 ea, police light; also Grip equip (combo stands, lights, sand bags, ect. . . )

23. The Colony (TV Show), (2015)
We provided 15 ea, M-16 racks full of M-16's for an armory scene.

22. Pingtank Party Prank (Jeremy Green), (2015): Watch The Video
We provided the police badges, guns, vehicles and technical advisor.

21. The Fighting Season (Ricky Schroder), (2015).
We provided two Military 2 1/2 tone trucks for use at the Premier to help set the ambiance.

20. North Greenville University Commercial (2015): Watch The Video
We provided Location, Military uniforms, Vehicles, Props, Wardrobe and weapons.

19. USAA Commercial (Elete Edge Productions, 2014) Watch The Video
We provided Army, Air Force and Marine Corps Uniforms

18. YouTube Prank (Maker Studios: Steve Kardynal gets arrested, 2014) Watch The Video
We provided two full outfitted LAPD Officer Uniforms, and one Police Car

17. Student film (recreation of the landing on Iwo Jima, 2014) We provided uniforms and helmets for this project

16. Buddy Hutchins (Movie, Director: Jared Cohn, 2014) Watch The Video
We provided two LAPD Uniforms (Complete), four SWAT Uniforms & Weapons, and three Police Cars

15. Unknown Production (LAPD uniform, 2013)

14. Oli Duret Music Video DANRE RA (2013) Watch The Video
We provided military uniforms, Weapons, Vehicles, Locations and technical advice for this music video.

13. Night Stalker (Teaser, 2013)Watch The Teaser
We provided, Two NYPD Detective rigs, three NYPD patrol Uniforms, two SID uniforms, and police strobe light.

12. Cosplay (Web Show, 2012)
We Provided the Nick Furry Costume, Weapons (Two Glock 17' with Drop Tactical Holsters , Brass Knuckles, Switchblade Knife, Leather Jacket, Eye Patch)

11. The Last Letter (Writer/Director Paul D. Hannah, 2012)
We provided two fully equiped LAPD Officers (Uniform, Sam Brown, Magazine Case, OC Spray, Batton, Radio w/Mike, Handcuffs, Holster & Weapon).

10. Turnaround Jake (Movie, Writer/Producer Shawn S, 2012) Watch The Trailer
We provided Swat Officers (Mark Flores, Arron McDonald, Rick Gould) in full uniform, all weapons (M-4 & pistols), Weapon Handling, Tactical advisor, and an FBI Agent (John Fischer)

9. Josh Abbott (Music Video, Touch, Jan 2012)
We Supplied the ACU Uniforms (Kevlar Helmet, IOTV, Shirt, Pants & Boots), Weapons (M4 Rifle), M35A2 (2 1/2 ton truck), Technical Advisor. Watch The Music Video

8. Moral Crimes (Short, Dec 2011)
I was the technical advisor, and provided the Detective rigs, Badges and Weapons for this short. Watch The Trailer

7. For Blood or Justice (Teaser; Director Todd Kniss, 2011) Watch The Teaser
We built a 1970's Border Patrol Checkpoint/Uniform, Vehicles (2 ea), Weapons (2 shotguns & 3 pistols), Weapons Handling, and other Misc Props.

6. Various other small productions filmed at California City Stuidos (2010-2011).

5. Military uniforms & Equipment for two different music videos (Misty Gonzales, Freedom Child Watch The Video; and Unk Music video, 2010-2011).

4. Various other small productions filmed at California City Stuidos (2010-2011).

4. Extracted (Director Nir Panery, 2010)
his film was shot in Los Angeles, and used a partner business Police Car and Extras (Playing Police Officers, Scott Vostad & John Fischer).

3. Jack The Reaper (Director Kimberly Seilhamer, Completed, 2010) Watch The Trailer
Jack The Reaper, was shot on location at California City Studios, and used one of our Police cars and extras in Police Uniforms (Joe Napolitano & John Fishcer).

2. Phase Two (Director Jason Saunders, Post Production, 2010)Watch The Trailer
Spent 1 day shooting at our California City Airport location and used several of our military vehicles and hangers.

1. Kill Speed (Director Kim Bass, 2009)